Alergeek – Magia

Alergeek – Trainspotting

Alergeek – Nie Noszę Zegarka

Alergeek – Draft

Alergeek – Too Late

First track with my vocals in English. Video shot in Amsterdam.

Alergeek – Problem (Problem, 2016)

Shot in Norway, check it out, nice views;)

Alergeek – Hold On (Here, Have My Brain, 2015)

I’ve recorded this video entirely with my phone. It consists of footage from New York, Katowice and more. Check out the video and enter my world.

Alergeek&Bliźniak – Rock My Soul (A&B, 2014)

Most definitely my best known track and most professional video. Rock your soul below.

Alergeek&Bliźniak – Ego (A&B, 2014)

Video shot in blue box technology.

Alergeek&Bliźniak – We Want To Play (A&B, 2014)

Short animated video I’ve created with scenes the movie „Fritz, the Cat”.

Alergeek – Look Away (Waiting EP, 2013)

My first music video ever. Shot in freezing temperature during Polish winter, it remains my favorite clip.

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