Nowa płyta Alergeeka coraz bliżej + okładka

Mam dla Was dobre wieści. Premiera mojej najnowszej płyty coraz bliżej. Powyżej możecie zobaczyć okładkę płyty “Problem” a już jutro na kanale YouTube pojawi się pierwszy singiel z płyty. Serdecznie zachęcam do śledzenia, będzie się działo:)

Recording vocals for my new album

I’ve started the long awaited process of recording vocals for my new album. I’ve decided to go to a calm and peaceful place in mountains where I can focus on my recordings. Check out how the process looks below: Thanks! – Alergeek

Subscribe to my YouTube channel for more!

Hi guys, Check out the new video I’ve made to promote my YouTube channel. Subscribe to it, to be up to date with my new music and videos (much more coming on the way). Thank you! – Alergeek

“Here, Have My Brain” EP re-uploaded

Hello! I’ve recently decided that my latest EP “Here, Have My Brain”, should be uploaded to YouTube as a playlist with separate tracks. Up to this point there has only been one, long YT movie with the entire album. Most of us like to listen to the tracks separately and soon, you will be able…
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Alergeek’s YouTube channel!

Ladies and gentleman visiting this website:) Over the past few years, I’ve managed to collect a noteworthy library of videos and music on my YouTube channel. If you have not subscribed to it yet, please do! Thanks to this you will stay up to date with my next moves and get to hear lots of…
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